To review existing graphs, select the 'Summary of Graphs' tab which is displayed when a track of type 'scenario' is shown.

Select the scenario from the dropdown at the upper left (or check the 'All scenarios' checkbox under the dropdown).

All the graphs that have been generated by any of the users will be displayed in the left panel. Selecting any of the graphs will display it in the middle panel. The right hand panel will show the data that has been entered for all of the graphs. This panel has 2 tabs.

  • The All resources tab is a simple list of all the data in all of the resources.
  • The Selected resource tab shows the details of a resource selected in the graph (unless it is a linked resource - see Working with existing patients for details of linked patients). There are a number of detailed views:
    • The tree view displays an expanded tree of the resource. Elements with data in them are bolded. Clicking on the element shows the value of the element in Json format
    • Data and notes shows notes entered for the resource
    • Resource Json is the Json representation of the resource